I have done this before. I did the YouTube scene, the Tumblr panic, and the blogging hassle. I quickly became bored by my own content and lost interest and motivation. But here I am again. What makes this time different? Well this time I actually have a reason to be writing.

I have boiled down all of my past content and realized my main desire, finding truth in fiction.

A Little About Me

I am a English Language and Literature major with a minor in Creative Writing from Central Washington University. I am an author with a poetry collection titled “Post-You” and a young adult fantasy novel in the works. My all time favorite book is A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, but there are countless other fantasy novels that have peaked my interest. I have cosplayed at several conventions in the Pacific Northwest and have held an interest in a variety of anime. I have been vegetarian since I turned 16 and am always looking to improve the community around me. I also have two German Shepherds who are forever puppies and will most likely be included in my photography.

Why This Is Different

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

Maria Khan

Between my reading and binge-watching, I have a lot of theories, emotions, opinions, etc. that I could rant about for countless hours. I also follow my brain whenever it goes down a rabbit hole. Since I already look into these different movements/shows/books/vacations/ect., I thought the best use of everyone’s time would be to record these findings and share them to you. From finding out where to pick up in the newest season of My Hero Academia ends in the manga to what the true meaning is behind Spirited Away, all my studies can be found here.

Reason To Follow Me

Besides wanting information on everything you desire, I will post content on things that you had no idea you were ever interested in, but are pleasantly surprised about. Together, we can explore topics and get a better, deeper understanding on the world of fiction. I can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and WordPress.

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