Quarantine Checklist Giveaway

Here is a random fact about me: I get annoyed when someone says the word “bored”. Our world is full of opportunities and there is no reasonable explanation as to why anyone should be “bored”. Ever since the United States entered lockdown due to COVID-19, this personal pet-peeve of mine as driven me crazy. Every social media has been exploding with posts calling out “bored” and “stir-crazy.” Everyone is claiming to have an abundance of free time that they have no knowledge of how to fill!

However, I realized fellow Gen Z’s had no idea how lucky we are to finally have this much free time! I took it as my responsibility to give options to these fellow quarantined folks as to what we can do in this unlimited free time! So, please look at the following templates and read how you can spread word of these idea starters for quarantine productivity. And yes, by participating in this event, you will be submitted to a giveaway for a Pop Funko figurine! So spread word and let’s make the best of the time we have!

Use These Today

Start each checklist that resonates with you and start it. Stop scrolling and start being productive with all this time you are being offered. First, screenshot your checklists and save them to your phone. Next, post them onto your social media story by checking off all the things you have done so far. Make sure to tag your friends so they can start being productive, too. Then, start checking off the checklist, updating the picture as you go. When you have finished the list, you have full bragging rights so go online and brag about it as much as you please. Also, if you show improvements with your list, you will be submitted to a giveaway drawing for a Pop Funko figure! Make a race with your friends to complete this project, so you can enter the giveaway together!

Giveaway Rules

  1. Follow @investigativegeek for updates on the event.
  2. Post a checklist to your Instagram story once with marks on what you have completed in quarantine thus far (make sure to tag @investigativegeek or else I won’t see it).
  3. Tag three others to participate.
  4. Post an updated list with items you have completed following the first post (make sure to tag @investigativegeek or else I won’t see it).

Giveaway will conclude April 8th at midnight PDT. Drawing will be from a random pool of those who have completed the contest. Any sign of improvement from the original post counts as an entry. Each person is allowed to submit one entry per provided template. Pop Funko figure will be based upon winner’s interest. Prize will be free of cost to the winner.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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