Two Poems, One Day Challenge

The Rules (Kind Of)

Every day, write two poems. It’s that simple. You can write freestyle, a haiku, or a rhyme scheme. As long as you are writing something that conveys emotion, or even lack of emotion, you are following the rules. There is no type, word count, or timing requirements, as long as you write something, you are already there.


Poetry is therapeutic. Your past experiences might have not been that way, but this way is. Have something that you want to rant about? Go for it. Have emotions that you cannot admit to quite yet? Write about it. Saw a really cute puppy? I want to hear about it. Since there is no rules for this project, you can write about anything that sparks your thought process because the best way to express ones feelings is by writing it down.

Why Two?

Chances are you don’t have one solid emotion throughout your day. The hours you are awake are many so you probably went through a rollarcoaster of a day or even if you had a day where you just binge-watched, you still had multiple feelings. Having two poems allows you to connect with a variety of feelings so you can see the potential of one day alone.

If you still have room after two, go for more. I know some days I feel like a series of short poems that quickly stack up but technically count as many. Other days I seem to write one epic paired with a small one liner, this is perfectly fine, also. As long as you leave room for two separate ideas to form, you are completing the project.

How Long?

I do not like participating in a challenge for a period of time, personally. I seem to get caught up in the details of the daily challenge and then get overwhelmed by the third day. However, I do like a challenge that I can integrate into my daily life. If I can add it to my daily checklist, I deem it as something I can participate in.

I guess what I mean to say is, do this for as long as you please. I think you will come to see the true potential of this technique and will find it as part of your daily schedule. Not to mention that you might be surprised by just how much you improve in as little as a month. If you want to give it a try though, I would suggest a month because by then, you just might be hooked on this daily activity.

Till next time, enjoy writing!

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