Personal Growth

Redefining “Me”: How I am Taking Back My Power

Seeing as how I turned 21 on the Aries and Taurus cusp, I thought now is the perfect time to finally step into my true potential and redefine who/what I am.

Last June, I moved to Portland, Oregon, my dream city. As some of you might have heard, COVID has greatly impacted the aesthetic and appeal of Portland. So, I went from my first apartment during COVID to my dream town during the end of COVID and nothing really felt right. After daydreaming about this move since I was 16, I was disappointed in the limited opportunities I had and the even smaller amount of opportunities to meet other people.

Luckily, I had my partner with me throughout the whole thing and we have made the best of the situation we were presented with. However, from jumping a few jobs and trying to break away from an obvious burnout, I have not been able to find who I am outside of my hometown and school.

Now, with COVID fading into the distance of everyday talk and being able to get the full 21+ side of Portland, I am unstoppable. Not to mention that we are entering Taurus season, so it is time to stay grounded and return to ourselves. I am fully going to embrace the season and stubbornly pave my own path.

Why You Care

For each personal exploration, I will be researching a given topic and concluding the best possible strategy to establish a lasting and sound result. Each post in this series will include the strategies I took, which ones I found helpful or not, and how you can do it yourself.

All in all, I enjoy researching (obviously) and want to help you find a quick, one-stop for your dilemmas instead of searching the web, books, experiments, or other endless resources. I can take care of the labor and we can grow together! Win-win in my opinion.

My Points of Interest

As I dissect who I am exactly, I will be focusing on four specific points of interest. They are as follows:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Growth

For each of these points of interest, I think the essential parts of life are addressed. Each one has more detail, which can be described with the following associations:

  • Health: Physical, emotional, and spiritual
  • Relationships: Family, partner, friends, and ourselves
  • Environment: Home and recreation
  • Growth: Knowledge, career, financial, and creativity

My Timeline

Throughout school, I was known as the student who completed an assignment an entire week before the due date, and I think that this same mentality followed me into my everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to complete a project way before it “needs” to be done and to not stress about it, but this usually translates into a spike of unneeded stress and a lower quality of work. I do not want to practice this same habit with this particular project.

Instead of my usual rush, I plan to take my time with this project since this is all new territory for me and I want to put as much research and thought into this as I can from the beginning. I do not want to rush this. Let me repeat for those of you who can relate. I. Will. Not. Rush.

So, expect to see a post about every weekend from my weekly discovery. I will simply post whatever thought/idea/lesson I researched and learned from that week. So I guess I have three rules:

  1. Look into what interests me every week
  2. Don’t expect change to be immediate
  3. Don’t rush this

I hope implementing these simple rules will allow me to not pressure this project into a chore and these “rules” are solid enough for me to continuously pursue my overall goals.

So cheers to the future me and future you. We are putting in the effort now, so we can thrive.

My Resources

Mitchell, Andrew. “The 12 Areas Of Life Balance.” The Design Coach, The Design Coach, 30 Mar. 2022,

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