Project: LadyRebel Publishing

Role: Concept, Visuals, Research

Duration: August – September 2022


LadyRebel Publishing is a publishing company focused on woman-empowered fantasy. With an emphasis on women’s strengths, LadyRebel Publishing inspires young and old readers alike to take control of their lives and promote positive change.


  1. Design a cohesive interface for familiar and unfamiliar users.
  2. Provide a seamless & linear purchasing experience.
  3. Create an interface capable of exploring novels by established categories.


Before starting on LadyRebel, I wanted to have an idea of what our main competitors represented. There are many established publishing companies, but only a fraction of those are focused on a particular subject, like LadyRebel. In order to progress, I needed answers to the following questions:

Who are our competitors?

Who are our primary users?

What challenges could we face moving forward?

Preliminary Ideation

I used affinity mapping to not only map out the general theme of LadyRebel, but it also helped me identify my main focal points in building the app. The findings I found in this phase helped me identify the path I needed to take for this project.

Competitive Analysis

I looked at several potential competing companies, and although none completed directly with LadyRebel, they still challenged LadyRebel on the topic and its popularity. LadyRebel is presented with the opportunity to capitalize on the empowered women in fantasy presentation to create a cohesive, familiar user face.

The majority of features between competitors were very similar, however, the main differences were noticed:

  • Cluttered Interface vs Minimalistic Interface
  • Modern UI
  • Focus on sales vs company message

Meet the Users


Name: Ariel
Age: 23
Occupation: Receptionist


Name: Margo
Age: 54
Occupation: English Professor

Ariel is a receptionist at a medical clinic who has excess time to read during her day. Personally, she is soul-searching and would really love inspiring novels based on female leads.

Margo is a Creative Writing professor and is trying to start a woman-driven fantasy course at her university. She would like to support a select publishing company for her required reads.


It was important to maintain a landing page, but there also was an emphasis on easy navigation for the remainder of the website. By establishing a navigation bar that is easily accessible for both new and old users, anyone can navigate to their intended resource of LadyRebel Publishing.


After creating LadyRebel’s wireframe, I had a general idea of how the website would function and how I could style the brand in a cohesive, familiar manner.

Branding Kit

I created a brand kit orientated around the typical “woman” colors but used the bold shades of each one. By giving a vibrant palette that calls for attention, LadyRebel is accented as a strong brand. Then, I used strong shapes to incorporate the directness of a strong female lead.

High-Fidelity Prototype

After several rounds of editing and correcting errors found in the low-fidelity prototype, I proudly present the high-fidelity prototype of LadyRebel.


As an avid reader myself, LadyRebel was a project I found easily relatable. Since my reading tendencies gravitate towards fantasy novels with strong female leads, I wanted to build a website that felt empowering without the presence of the novels. During this project, I was able to practice prototyping with Adobe XD. Although I was not able to fully flesh out various features within LadyRebel, it’s not to say I won’t try to incorporate them in future projects down the line.

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