Should I Make A Reading Goal For 2023?

It is that time of the year again. The first scent of peppermint and pinecones has us rushing to finish short novels that we might not even be interested in. And the worst part? We end up making the same unachievable goal for the next year, so the cycle can repeat again and again.

This time, we ask ourselves, should we actually make a Goodread’s Reading Challenge? I, like many others, have for years, but is it really worth it?

Pros of the Goodreads Reading Challenge

  • The satisfaction of clicking “I’m Finished” and seeing the reading meter fill in a little more.
  • It calculates your reading pace for you.
  • Confidence in your reading goals when you are on or ahead of schedule.

Cons of the Goodreads Reading Challenge

  • Meeting the projected pace by completing quick-read novels.
  • The pressure of your goal follows you throughout the year.


With self-care and self-honesty on the rise, it is time to redefine the purpose of the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Instead of signing yourself up for the same goal you keep falling short on, why not use the actual amount you completed this year as a goal?

Shouldn’t our goal be “better than I was”? Why not apply the same goal to our reading?

In other words, when you create your reading goal this year, take the total books you read this year and add one. This way, we are making an achievable goal, and we can still progress.


To inspire inspiration for the New Year, consider joining the 52books Reddit community. While your Goodreads Reading Challenge might not be 52 books, the community is an inspiring group of avid readers. Also, when the 52nd week of the year approaches, members post collages of the books they read and it is a great way to see what others are reading.

Also, a friendly reminder that Goodreads identifies many forms of reading as a “book.” So, make sure to mark seasons of Webtoons, volumes of manga, and more as read. Do not shun these forms of reading simply because they are not as massive as The Priory of the Orange Tree. In fact, it makes your Year of Reading results more diverse and interesting.

Thank you for reading! Use the following post on Pinterest as a reminder when Goodreads asks you to submit your 2023 Reading Challange:

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