Camp Davis

Project: Camp Davis Role: Concept, Visuals, Research, Interactions Duration: September 2022 Project Camp Davis is the landing website for an Airbnb host. The website is designed to inform guests of local events, restaurants, hikes, and locations. Also, Camp Davis’ website shares the cabin’s history and family with its guests to build a positive connection. ChallengesContinue reading “Camp Davis”


Project: LadyRebel Publishing Role: Concept, Visuals, Research Duration: August – September 2022 Project LadyRebel Publishing is a publishing company focused on woman-empowered fantasy. With an emphasis on women’s strengths, LadyRebel Publishing inspires young and old readers alike to take control of their lives and promote positive change. Challenges Brainstorm Before starting on LadyRebel, I wantedContinue reading “LadyRebel”


Project: myTBR Role: Concept, Visuals, Interactions, Research Duration: September 2022 Project myTBR is a literary service that primarily matches readers to their next book. Focusing on pre-pinned novels, myTBR inspires readers to finish their “to be read” list by matching readers with their a novel from their self after answering a select few questions. ChallengesContinue reading “myTBR”

Rebranding Investigative Geek

Project: Investigative Geek Role: Concept, Visuals, Interactions, Research Duration: August – September 2022 Project Vision Investigative Geek is a website I developed in 2019 with a broad mission of spreading my joy of knowledge, mostly relating to literature. For this project, I knew a goal-directed design method was needed in order to focus on myContinue reading “Rebranding Investigative Geek”

Building the Optimal Branding for the Merging of Three Stores

In the Fall of 2021, I was hired as a Campus Store Assistant at the University of Western States. In 2020, the entire University faced a dramatic shift as they were moved from an open campus to a closed campus. Due to the shift, a lot of departments were condensed, including the University store, theContinue reading “Building the Optimal Branding for the Merging of Three Stores”