The Seven Deadly Sins Ending Explained

Final Manga Review

The end has come and it is bittersweet. Suzuki has made this entire world that I have devoured and now it is slipping away from me. I have already shed my tears over this amazing conclusion to this phenomenal manga series. Seeing my favorite characters live out their lives in a bittersweet conclusion is all I asked for and Suzuki delivered. Please please please finish this series because there is never a dull moment and the depth to these characters is mind-blowing. I feel like a proud mother who witnessed her immortal children finding their role within the world. I would say that every Shonen Jump fan needs to complete this series in order to call themselves a true fan because this series is essential for any manga lover. I will have a hard time parting with the crew, especially Ban, but I am satisfied with this conclusion in the end. From concluding the neverending war to finding happiness afterward, the Seven Deadly Sins never lost their witty humor and always provided a spellbinding story that any fan will come to love.

How Far We Have Come

It is hard to think that we started as a disbanded group of the most powerful of different races who was feared across all of Britannia. Now, the Seven Deadly Sins is a name known throughout the lands as the saviors of the world. From fighting lowly demons, then the Ten Commandments, then the Demon King himself, all topped off by Chaos himself, this series never had a dull moment. We also were able to reunite Ban and Elaine, Hawk and his brother, and Diane remembered the fairy who kept her company through all those years along with many other events. There were plenty of emotions that were sparked within this series and I treasure each memory.

There was heartbreak when we learned that Escanor met his fate in the final battle, surrounded by the people he cared for most. Followed by more heartbreak when Ban found Zhivago or we discovered the truth behind Gowther’s sin. Then there is always Helbram’s helmet to remind you what true sacrifice is. Then there is the story of Gelda or the attempt at a simple life for Derieri and Monspeet.

There were times of shock as Meliodas explained the curse placed on his and Elizabeth because they fell in love with the wrong race. Then there was the reason behind Gowther’s creation or why King’s loyal dog Oslo was so loyal to the royal family. Also, there was the awakening of Elaine and the sacrifice Ban had to make to keep her alive. Or when the story of Mael was uncovered. Or when the Demon King was resurrected.

There were plenty of laughs thanks to Ban and Melidas’s friendly squabbles or King’s childish crush. We could never forget Meliodas’s inappropriate jokes or Ban’s constant singing. Then there are the many nights shared over drinks in the Boar’s Hat paired with Meliodas’s poor cooking.

And of course there was love. Without the love of Ban and Elaine, the fairy kingdom would have not survived and we would have not witnessed a love that grows despite obvious differences. Without the love of King and Diane, the giant and fairy races would have never been united and we would not have the love that grows between friends. Without the love of Escanor and Merlin, there would be no sun and we would have not known the love that grows with admiration. Without the love of Arthur and Merlin, there would no longer be a kingdom to raise and we would have not experienced a love that grows with similar goals. Without the love of Zeldris and Gelda, the Demon King would have won and we would have never seen a love that compels. And of course without the love of Meliodas and Elizabeth, there would be no Seven Deadly Sins and we would have never witnessed a love that lasts though lifetimes, never to be parted despite all odds.

Happy Tenth Tristan!

While I am sad that there was never a canonical drawing of Ban and Elaine’s child, I am glad that we got to see the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth, Tristan. It makes since that the series would conclude with the next generation of the demon and angel who forever changed the world. Also, can we appreciate how much like each of his parents Tristan looks like, down to the mismatched eyes that pay tribute to his mother’s combined human and angel state? I appreciate that we can see the crowds cheering for Meliodas who is happily basking in the praise that he so graciously deserves after centuries of torture and saving the world.

Leaving off with Tristan saying he wants to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins is the type of Shonen Jump conclusion that sends my heart soaring. A wonderful conclusion for a wonderful series and I honestly, could hope for nothing more (except a canonical drawing of Ban and Elaine’s child).

Find More

As Suzuki mentions himself, there is still going to be developments within the anime series and the video game but if you are like me, that is simply not enough to satisfy my hunger for this series. There are many fan bases you can contribute to, including the wikia page or amino pages, so please help develop the information on these pages. Also, there are many people who would appreciate you sharing your sketches or AMV edits of this amazing series so don’t be afraid to post your art to your preferred social media and your AMVs there, too, along with YouTube.

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