Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ending Explained

The time has come. The bittersweet end of Demon Slayer has been released and hopefully it is everything you were hoping for. As a sucker for the reincarnation theory, this chapter had me rereading it over and over again in hopes to absorb all the possible scenarios brought forth within these final few pages.

I have collected my findings here so you can follow along with the comparisons of the characters we love and their reincarnations. I am presenting these in order of appearance, so follow along!

Kanata Kamado/Kanao Tsuyuri

The first character we are introduced to is Kanata is is obviously the great-grandchild of the late Kanao and Tanjiro. Kanata seems to demonstrate the same personality as his great-grandmother by waking up early for the school day. He is timid but seems to warm up around Toko, introduced later, the same way Kanao changes when around Tanjiro.

Sumihiko Kamado/ Tanjiro Kamado

Sumihiko is the younger brother of Kanata and observes the same perseverance as his reincarnation, Tanjiro. He also seems to love his sleep like his distant aunt, Nezuko. Sumihiko can be seen running to school later in order to maintain his perfect attendance which is something Tanjiro would do in the new world.

Yoshiteru Agatsuma/ Zenitsu Agatsuma

Yoshiteru is the decedent of Zenitsu and Nezuko and he is the one to mention the idea of reincarnation. Yoshiteru can be seen throughout the chapter mentioning women repeatedly which was a huge characteristic of Zenitsu. Yoshiteru is easily brought to tears like his reincarnation and is a huge fan of his late great-grandfather’s fantasy book which is most likely a biography in truth.

Toko Agatsuma/ Nezuko Kamado

Toko is the older sister of Yoshiteru and the reincarnation of Nezuko. While she is identical to her reincarnation, it is her sisterly love that shows that she is stronger spoken reincarnation of Nezuko. She also seems to calm around Kanata which is similar to Nezuko and Tanjiro’s relationship.

Tenma Uzui/ Tengen Uzui

Uzui is obviously the reincarnation of the Uzui that we knew. He still shows off a dramatic style and has a natural talent for athletics. Instead of being flamboyant, however, the Uzui descendant seems to project a personality orientated around being a punk.

Aoba Hashibira/ Inosuke Hashibira

As deceiving as the art is, Aoba is the male descendant of Inosuke. He is mistaken for a girl by Yoshiteru, which was one of Inosuke’s struggles. Aoba is a botanist who is researching the Blue Spider Lily which is a species of flower that Muzan believed would allow him to harness the Sun. Although the plants died, Aoba still yearns for the great outdoors like his great-grandfather.

Twins as Muchiro and Yuichiro Tokito

Sekirei Girls as Shinobu and Kanae Kocho

The two former Insect Hashira can be seen as two students at the Sekirei Women’s Academy. Even their hair is held by ribbon where their signature butterflies used to rest. These two strong sisters were finally reunited in their next life.

Hotaru Haganzuka and Kozo Kanamori

Although it is simply one panel, the swordsmiths that we cherished in the original story can be seen talking to Kanata. While their true faces were revealed by the end of the series, we knew them better for their signature masks so they were reincarnated with those characteristics.

Kindergarten Teacher as Himejima Gyoumei

As we know, Himejima had a love for caring for the young and it seems like he was able to carry out that wish in his second life. It is commented that he is a big man to have a job such as a kindergarten teacher but he doesn’t seem to mind. Also, it is mentioned that his apron is pink!

Diner Owners as Iguro Obanai and Kanroji Mitsuri

Iguro and Kanroji’s final wish was granted for they were reincarnated together in the next life. They now own a restaurant that seems to have a snake theme to reference Iguro’s former companion. Also, Kanroji had a never ending appetiate so hopefully with a diner, her cravings will be satisfied.

Shoji Players as Sakonji Urokodaki and Jigoro Kuwajima

As Sumihiko is running to school, we see two older men playing Shoji. Judging from the outfits alone, we can see that the two men are the former Hashiros, Sakonji and Jigoro. They were both influential characters in the original story by their training practices that led Tanjiro and Zenitsu to become powerful demon slayers. Although we can see Jigoro’s face, Sakonji’s unmasked face is hidden until the very end.

Kiriya Ubuyashiki as Himself

Kiriya is one of the original characters that is still alive three generations later. He is presented as the longest-living Japanese person which means that the Ubuyashiki curse has been broken. Instead of living a short, cursed life like his father and other ancestors suffered, Kiriya has lived his life to the fullest.

The Butterfly Estate Girls

Although they were not introduced, there is no mistaking the three girls from the Butterfly Estate. After training with these girls for a few episodes, there is no way we could forget the three girls that encouraged Tanjiro to continue his demon slayer training. In the final chapter, they are seen as one of the many characters that Sumihiko runs into.

Policemen as Genya and Sanemi Shinazugawa

The two bothers who were sworn enemies in the original story can be seen together as policemen in the final chapter. We were left on a bittersweet note in Genya’s final chapters when Sanemi shows his brotherly love was there all along but they both were unable to admit it. Looks like they were able to make up for lost time in the next life.

Kitsune Mask Children as Giyu Tomioka, Sabito, and Makomo

The three apprentices of Sakonji Urokodaki can be seen reunited in reincarnation. Even though Sabito and Makomo lost their lives in the demon slayer exam, Giyu was the only one who survived the trial. Giyu held the weigh of that day on his shoulder as he became the Water Hashira. However, the three seem to be happily reunited in their next life and seem to be holding their masks as a supposive collector’s item.

Goto and Murata

Although it is a few panels, Goto and Murata were able to sneak into the reincarnation train as fellow classmates. They are seen looking at the portraits of Tamayo when interrupted by Yoshiteru, who they claim to not even know. Of course, this all pays tribute to the original dynamic between these three in the former life.

Yushiro as Himself

As mentioned by Yoshiteru, Yushiro is a mysterious artist who spends his time painting portaits of none other than Tamayo. Since he is the last living demon, Yushiro now spends his time painting beautiful portraits of the woman he can never forget. Even though there was no reincarnation of Tamayo, most likely because she was a demon and therefore cursed to not reincarnate, she is remembered by her former companion.

Tojuro/ Kyojuro Rengoku

Tojuro is the energetic friend of Sumihiko and is notably the reincarnation of Kyojuro. Even though Kyojuro’s life ended long before the final battle against Muzan, he was luckily reincarnated with the rest of the group. Tojuro also invites Sumihiko to join a sports team with him, saying that he sees a natural talent in him. This pays tribute to the natural talent that Kyojuro saw in Tanjiro as the Fire Hashiro.

The World Without Demons

As we see the call home to the Kamado home, we are able to see the survivors of the Muzan battle along with memorabilia of Tanjiro. Next to Tanjiro’s sheathed sword and signature earrings, the photo of the survivors is framed on the wall. All, with an exception of Sanemi, are smiling for the new world they have created. As seen through their descendants, there is no longer a fear of demons and they can live without the fear of Muzan.

It may be a bittersweet thing to end a series, but Demon Slayer was able to leave a lasting impression that will be cherished forever. I was hoping that the series would continue after the final battle, but after seeing this ending, I could wish for nothing more!

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did and I would love to here any other observations you made while reading the final chapter. Please comment because I would love to know all the interpretations of this chapter since I will most likely be reading it another 500 times.

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