All Chainsaw Man Ending Songs On YouTube and Spotify

Chainsaw Man has taken over the anime scene with its brilliant story, entertaining cast, and thrilling combat scenes. All of that, and the production team still finds the time to create a custom ending song for each episode that perfectly captures the theme of the episode. Take note anime production companies, because this should be the new norm!

Episode 1 Ending Song

Chainsaw Blood by Vaundy

The pilot kicks off strong by creating the “Chainsaw Man” and a hint at the world this show will be based in. This song sums up Pochita and Denji’s relationship mixed with a collage of their first fight together.

Episode 2 Ending Song

Time Left by Zutomayo

After being introduced to the cast, this ending song captures the personality of the new characters.

Episode 3 Ending Song

Hawatari Niku Centi by Maximum the Hormone

Episode 3 features Denji’s fight with “motivation.” Even though it might be to cop a feel, Denji is determined to kill the Bat Devil and save Power’s Meowy.

Episode 4 Ending Song

Tablet by TOOBOE

Becoming a competitor for the top girl already, Power steels this episode with her chaotic energy and devil morals. After moving in with both Denji and Power now, we are introduced to the disorderly home Aki must upkeep. This quirky episode ends with Power telling Denji the rules of their Meowy agreement and then the scene is cut with this ending song.

Episode 5 Ending Song

In The Backroom by syudou

After discovering the main target is the Gun Devil, cue the first mission! We are introduced to more characters and kill a seemingly easy demon. However, it seems the crew is stuck on the same floor of the hotel no matter what they do and this memorizing ending song does not bode well for what is to come.

Episode 6 Ending Song

Rendezvous by Kanaria

The team continues to find the way our of the looping hotel and eventually is greeted by the original devil they killed. The devil makes a deal, Denji in exchange for the freedom. On the brink of sanity, the team dissolves into their own beliefs, but eventually Denji decides to go down fighting. This ending songs features the maze hotel and clips of the crew within picture frames.

Episode 7 Ending Song

Chu, Tayousei by ano

Denji got his first kiss, but it is nothing like he hoped it would be. Denji’s need for removal from the situation is relayed by the gameplay features of this ending song. Not to mention, all of the potential love interests get a pin-up feature.

Episode 8 Ending Song

First Death by TK

Fittingly title, this episode features a massacre of many characters. Divison 4 members are shown murdered where they stand and cue fight scene. This ending features backstory clips of the characters who were killed, paying particular attention to Himeno.

Episode 9 Ending Song

Deep Down by Aimer

Surprise! Makima is alive! After her display of power, it is clear why Himeno warned of Makima’s hidden side. Episode 9’s ending song continues the shed of blood by making an entire song in, well, blood.

Episode 10 Ending Song

Dogland by People 1

Aki morns the death of his mentor while Denji and Power are introduced to their brutal mentor. Dogland matches the theme of the episode since their mentor, Kishibe, views Power and Denji as dogs of the Public Safety Devil Extermination.

Episode 11 Ending Song

Violence by Queen Bee

Aki makes a deal with the Future Devil. Makima intimidates the yakuza. Then, we are introduced to the members of the Special Division.

Episode 12 Ending Song

Fight Song by Eve

A beautifully wholesome, slice-of-life finish to a intense final episode. This ending is the only song incorporated with the show itself, showing the crew preparing and eating dinner. The song is followed by Aki lighting the “easy revenge” cigarette left by Himeno. Also, Denji dreams of a younger self and a door he should never open. Seems like we will have to wait for answers until next season.

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What was your favorite ending? Do you think every anime should adapt this concept? Let me know!

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