What Can I Do While Watching TV?

If you are anything like me, you probably get restless while binging shows. Even if it is genuinely a good show! However, after living with this little *quirk* long enough, I have found several ways to trick my restlessness. So, here is my short list of activities to distract the hyperactive mind.

Play A Cozy Game

With cozy games on the rise, there are plenty of games that don’t require your full attention. So, turn on those RGB strip lights, shake out your chunky knit blanket, brew yourself a London fog, and till your farm as Prince Zen dedicates time to dear Shirayuki.

Okay, probably not that scenario exactly, but you get the point. Turn on a comfy game on one monitor as you play your latest binge on the other. Personally, this is the ideal amount of stimulation, but this might be too much for someone else. If this seems like too many things to do at once, choose one of the other options.

Tidy Your Home

If you are watching on a large screen expanding a substantial fraction of your home, try carrying out your usual chores as you binge your show. This will fulfill the remaining active part of your brain, as well as complete your chores. Who doesn’t love finishing another Neflix episode just to find all their dishes done? Wow!

However, if your viewable screen is small or in an inconvenient location, focus on a specific task. For example, tidy your art bin, bake a batch of cookies, or organize your bookshelf. It might even be more convenient to view your shows on a portable screen as you complete those odds and ends chores.


Perhaps the best way to get in those active minutes in is by watching your favorite action show. As the cadets swing from their vertical maneuvering equipment in Attack on Titan, get that high-intensity training in. As Wednesday reveals a new discovery, hold that yoga pose a bit longer.

In fact, thanks to the Tumblr era and the creativity of Pinterest, many 2010s shows have a workout trigger worksheet. If you are lucky, you could find a similar guideline for your current binge.

A prime example of the creative minds of fans.

Passive Hobby

While writing or playing an instrument might not be the best hobby for this, hobbies like knitting or cross-stitching make the perfect activity to do while watching TV. If you already know how to knit or cross-stitch, chances are you are already doing this while binging shows. But, for the newbies, watch a few YouTube videos and run to your local Michael’s or JoAnn’s to get started. Plus, knitting and cross-stitching seems to be making a comeback, so there is plenty of material and sources out there.

Is that it? Did I get everything? Obviously not, because there are so many options of activities to do while watching TV. However, I hope this gave you some good ideas to get started.

Save this pin to inspire you next time you brave a show binge:

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