1985 Games, Creator of Dungeon Craft, Is Now On StartEngine

1985 Games launched their Dungeon Craft Kickstarter in 2019 and it was a huge success. With appearances on Critical Role’s Talks Machina, Nerdist, Games Geek, and more, their products caught the attention of the Tabletop Role Play Game (TTRPG) community.

Since their first campaign, the company has successfully run 6 more Kickstarters, including D&D Pins, VHS Dice, Dungeon Notes, Miniatures, and even more Dungeon Craft!

With the company’s growth, plus the increased interest in TTRPG’s in the past few years, 1985 Games is pushing the TTRPG limits and testing out new water… Investing!

The company chose StartEngine as their platform and with their success on Kickstarter, it makes perfect sense. Both platforms function virtually the same, but for different pay-offs. While Kickstarter is the platform for creative projects, StartEngine is the platform for investments and shares.

With shares priced at $5 and a minimum investment of $250, 1985 Games has made it easy to invest in the TTRPG community. The company states that they will “double the number of trade shows [they] attend each year… [and] grow [their] team and [their] marketing budget to reach the millions of tabletop gamers and the 8,000+ retail stores [they] see as potential clients – eventually expanding beyond that and into large chain stores.”

With the TTRPG’s fast growth over the past few years, it is easy to imagine the growth of the market. So, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in the TTRPG community by supporting 1985 Games. Click on that button and let the adventure begin!

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