Best Quotes from Chainsaw Man Part 1

Airing the final episode on December 28, 2022, Chainsaw Man Part 1 has finally concluded. Even though the first part was only 12 episodes, there was plenty of drama, action, humor, and more. Thanks to the nonstop entertainment Chainsaw Man Part 1 provided, there was plenty of quotes to go around. However, here are some of the best quotes from Chainsaw Man Part 1:

“I’ll Give You My Heart, In Exchange… Show Me Your Dreams.”


“I’ll Save You… So You Save Me. I Don’t Wanna Die Either.”


“Only Answer With ‘Yes’ Or ‘Woof,’ I Don’t Need A Dog Who Says ‘No.'”


“Enemies Are Enemies… We’re Only Using Them. I Have No Intention Of Getting Friendly With One.”

Aki Hayakawa

“All Devils Are Born With A Name. The More That Name Is Feared, The More Powerful The Devil Itself.”


“Maybe I Became A Devil Hunter For A Really Shallow Reason, But I’m Willing To Die To Keep Living Like This.”


“I Can’t Believe You Tooke My Story For Truth. Humans Really Are Foolish.”


“Even If It Shortens My Life… I’m Not Letting You Kill Denji!”

Aki Hayakawa

“We’ll Be Working Together Until Death Do Us Apart.”


“It Must Be Nice Having Someone Care Enough To Cry Over You.”


“Don’t Die Aki… I Want You To Cry For Me When I Die.”


“I’ve Had Enough Of Watching People Die In Front Of My Eyes.”

Aki Hayakawa

“You Know, The Devil Hunters That Devils Are Scared Of Are The Ones With The Most Screws Loose.”


“The Necessary Evil You Speak Of, Is Just An Excuse To Justify The Evil Things You Do. Society Has No Need For That Excuse.”


As stated previously, there were many notable quotes from Chainsaw Man Part 1, but this was the best crop. What was your favorite quote? Did I miss one? Let me know!

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